Video: Bobby Brown – Don’t Let Me Die


Bobby Brown finally reveals the video for his comeback single “Don’t Let Me Die.” The first release off his forthcoming album The Masterpiece, in stores June 5.

A very homemade style, but check it out below … What do you think?

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  1. WARNING from PROPHET 10 years ago

    I am a prophet. I have to warn you all about LAST CALLS. Bobby has heard his LAST CALL and he ignored it to chase after the madness. God has turned him over to a reprobate mind. He doesn’t understand why he has been accused of DUI when he wasn’t driving drunk. They are setting him up to be MURDERED. Nothing to do now. He will die having rejected God. Perhaps that’s why he wants to be called Bad a$$ or what have you.

    Those who believe Whitney Houston was murdered are correct. Not by Bobby, but by her own brother and those close to her. Bobby knew she would be killed and he was waiting on this moment. God allowed Whitney to be killed, but he also allowed her a LAST CALL. She ACCEPTED. She said Yes. You can see evidence of Kim Burrell sharing how Whitney was baptized in the Holy Ghost. Ironically in the video she sings the song YES. You see Whitney utter Jesus Loves Me in her last performance. God did not spare her life on earth because she chased the world, but because she ANSWERED the LAST CALL, he used her death to accomplish what she did not allow him to accomplish in her life.

    God called Bobby when he was out with Whitney and his daughter that night. When you are married you become ONE. There is no divorce in God. He needed to tell Whitney of the danger that awaited her. He did not. He saw her death as a chance to do what we see him doing today. He did not realize that her death would directly lead to his own. They were ONE.

    Ask who told him to make this song Don’t Let Me Die? This is not coincidence. They are marking him out in the open. Even if you shared this with him, he will not respond, he has been given over to a reprobate mind. He can no longer comprehend a need for God in his life. He rejected his LAST CALL.

    Don’t ignore your LAST CALL.

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