Ne-Yo Lights Up Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony


This past Thursday, the 43rd annual Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony took place in New York City, and R&B hitmaker Ne-Yo received one of the most prestigious awards. The singer-songwriter was honored with this year’s “Hal David Starlight Award,” for young songwriters, which was presented to him by Swizz Beatz.

In accepting the award, Ne-Yo said, “Bette Midler just told me I’m for real — that’s just about all I need.” He continued by thanking his mother for helping him develop his talents, “I was a pretty riled up little kid,” he said. “If not for my mom giving me the pad and the pen and telling me to take my emotions and put them there, there’s no telling. I might have been sticking you up or something.” Later in his speech, he thanked the organization for the honor but said, “I have so far to go — I mean, the guy who wrote ‘The Gambler’ was just up here!” he concluded with a performance of his hit “So Sick.”

Check it out below…

  1. V.I.C. 11 years ago

    so talented

  2. random 11 years ago

    corey latif williams should have won something guy is great and so underrated

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