New Music: Keke Palmer feat. Kevin McCall – You Got Me


Keke Palmer is all sorts of grows up now, and the singer-actress is pushing forward with her adult music career as well as the acting. The ex-Nickelodeon star has been busy working on new music, including a forthcoming mixtape. Here is the very first release from the project, a collabo with burgeoning singer/rapper/producer Kevin McCall titled “You Got Me.” The young stars just shot a video for the tune as well, so check it out below and stay tuned for that!

What do you think?

  1. Anonymous 11 years ago

    She needs to stop singing, it’s not her thing. She should stick to acting, this is horrible.

  2. Dani 11 years ago

    I like it the beat is nice and she has an incredible voice. Im happy to see her pursing her dreams

  3. zodiac 11 years ago

    11 why? that song is cool i love it

  4. chaki 11 years ago

    NICE BEAT!!! i see the brandy influence in her music :)

  5. dwight 11 years ago

    Ok Keke, I see you! This is pretty good. And she looks sexy af.

  6. mastic beauty 11 years ago

    ehhhhhhh.. welllllll… who gives a shit. *sparks one

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