Jazze Pha Says He & Ciara ‘Need Each Other’


In 2004, Atlanta-based producer Jazze Pha helped launch Ciara‘s music career and made her a household name. Two years later, Ciara decided to switch it up and the pair haven’t worked together since 2006. In recent years CiCi’s albums haven’t performed as well on the charts and many say she needs that old thing back. HipHollywood caught up with Jazze Phizzle at the BET Awards and he had some interesting things to say about Ciara’s current predicament.


  1. Alexis 11 years ago

    I agree 100 %

  2. jayla 11 years ago

    Jazze Pha is dated

  3. Mike 11 years ago

    Your right but I always think their is a point in a artist career where going back to your roots meaning getting back with old producers can sometimes bring back that magic.

  4. paaaaaaaaaaaatrick 11 years ago

    I think she shouldn’t work with him. he is a has been, he wants to work with her, to get money and to get a name for himself, he’s a fail now. he tried to control her career, she left, and he has never really worked with anyone. Plus the only hit he produced was 1, 2 step. He didn’t produce Goodies the song that was #1 for 7 weeks did he ? no lil jon did, jazze pha has no career now. Ciara is in the studio with darkchild, Jermain Durpi, Diane Warren, GoonRock, & so much more, fuck Jazze Pha

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