New Music/Emerging Artist: Nicole Musoni – Chasin Dreams (EP)


Check out this newcomer from Canada (man, it’s a hotbed of talent up there), Nicole Musoni. A singer-songwriter and daughter of popular Rwandan artist Évariste Muson, who has been honing her craft since 5 years old. Nicole is making her musical impression on the world with the first of a series of “short tapes,” titled “Chasin Dreams.”

Follow the jump to stream and download… What do you think of Nicole Musoni?

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  1. Black 11 years ago


  2. Corinne 11 years ago


  3. P 11 years ago

    Nice and she Sexy!

  4. Bird 11 years ago

    Amazing album incredible talent! would love to hear more

  5. Felix 11 years ago

    Loving the sound

  6. Kirezi 11 years ago

    So proud of my sister!

  7. H 11 years ago

    Thats wassup!

  8. Gara 11 years ago

    Love it! You got it all… Keep on chasing your dreamz!

  9. FabnJ 11 years ago

    Shes an amazing artist and a Great friend! I am so blessed to personaly know her!
    Girl keep chasing your dreams. Keep your focus in God, he has wonderful things in store for you. I can smell your success!!!!

  10. Chrissy 11 years ago

    Shit is mad dope!!

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