Comedy: Tanks Sings While He Showers (Video)


WTF, in the name of all things original marketing content, this takes the cake. Tank shares a very bare and personal moment in this new promo video, which finds the R&B heartthrob talking to his fans about singing while in the shower, while in the shower.

Comedy! That face right there…This dude is a comedian!

Yooo! Did he really say, “get the excess poon off the stash?” Wow.

Tank’s new album This Is How I Feel, is in stores now!

  1. Wifi 6 years ago

    what a fool lol

  2. Tank Aint Nobody 6 years ago

    fuck this turrible–no-sanging-ass nigga, i bet he uses a loofa and johnson&johnson baby shampoo. fuck tank

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