New Music: SZA – Country


Alternative, Indie Soul is still on the rise, and we are continuing to cover what catches our ears, so if you are into eclectic sounds, unique creativity and newcomers take a listen to the latest release from emerging artist SZA. A St. Louis singer-songwriter, who embraces her multiple genre influences and is clearly doing her own thing. Her new song “Country” feels like floating, elusive, dreamy, visuals of nature or time passing comes to mind.

“I was raised on a lot of John Coltrane, Satchmo, Miles Davis, Billy Joel, and Marvin Gaye, with an adult obsession of all things Wu-Tang. The one thing I’ve always admired is their ability to paint scenes with their sounds. When I write I usually let the beat saturate my mood and head space; that determines every scene and set design for any song, the rest is all secondary,” says SZA.

SZA is currently working on her debut EP “See.SZA.Run.” Take a listen below…

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