Trailer: R&B Divas (Extended)


Until now we’re received a few teasers and behind the scenes moments of TV One’s upcoming reality Show R&B Divas, but with the release of the shows ‘super trailer’ much more is revealed about the starring songbirds.

Though the show is said to be mostly “drama-free” you will still see your share of Diva-like spats unfold all in the mist of these talented ladies trying to create a compilation album. Find out what bombs are dropped in the trailer after the jump… 

R&B Divas premieres on TV One August 20th at 10pm Eastern Time.

  1. Rasan8250 11 years ago

    Ok that looks a little better. Still would have perferred Kelly & Tweet. It is what is though!!

  2. Abdul Chestnut 11 years ago

    I loved the premier last night. I can’t wait until the show airs!!!!

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