ThisisRnB TV: Tamia Talks “Beautiful Surprise,” Claude Kelly, Going Independent & More


Since her 1995 debut R&B songstress Tamia has been winning fans and warming souls with her five octave range vocals and hit songs. A successful career, strong relationship, loving husband and beautiful family have kept the singer balanced and in high spirits as she ventures into the release of her fifth studio album, Beautiful Surprise. The aptly titled project, her second independent LP, is a testament to life’s ups and downs. She worked with a strong team such as frequent collaborator Shep Crawford, The Runners, Salaam Remi, Carvin & Ivan and co-executive producer Claude Kelly.

ThisisRnB TV recently caught up with Tamia in New York City for a candid interview. In regards to the recording process of the new album Tamia simply explained, “When it comes together, and you’re working with the right people…it just feels right, and it comes easy.”

On collaborating with multi-Grammy nominated hitmaker Claude Kelly for the whole album. “We didn’t meet up together, and have a therapy session (laughs) … it was sort of just a conversation that you would have with your friends, sitting down, and next thing you know, we are supposed to be writing but we are just chatting… it was just easy.”

Becoming an independent artist has its many positives and negatives as she has been learning. “Is it a fine line sometimes, Yes, as the boss and as the artist, sometimes they conflict, sometimes I just wish I was the artist and I didn’t know how much this was costing me, or I didn’t know how much I needed to sell in order to break even. But, I’d much rather know whats going on. I’d much rather know where the money is being spent and how much I am going to make at the end of the day.”

Tamia also shared what she connects with most on record – lyrics or melody. And as a bonus in this clip she also shares the story behind cutting her massive 2001 hit song “Stranger In My House.”

Order Tamia’s new album Beautiful Surprise here.

  1. Rhymes 11 years ago

    This was a good interview! I love Tamia! She’s very smart for going independent. Her voice is timeless and her music is amazing. You guys should take pictures of/with the artists you interview and post them on your instagram. I follow you.

  2. V.I.C. 11 years ago

    Awesome interview. ThisIsRNB I love you guys! Keep doing your thing!

  3. S 11 years ago

    Love her

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