Video: Michael Kiwanuka – Bones


Michael Kiwanuka is among the large class of excellent emerging talents coming out of the UK this past year. The soulful singer-songwriter has been quietly building a buzz in the US, through festival appearances while promoting his album Home Again.

Michael’s old school tones are well complimented in the new vintage inspired visual for his latest single “Bones.”

“With Bones Michael Kiwanuka gives us a personal insight into a traveling man’s reality,” explains director Tom Henze. “While seeing and experiencing the most amazing but also somehow rudimentary things wherever he travels, it is getting increasingly difficult to be close to someone. Even though it is that love that carries you along, that makes you go the extra mile. This was our task to compliment visually. The idea is to provide the viewer with a benefit beyond the mere visualization of Kiwanuka’s beautiful music.”

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