Ryan Leslie & Lincoln Present: ‘The Art of Live Performance’


Ryan Leslie presents ‘The Art of Live Performance,’ a candid and personally narrated visual explaining his feelings on finding and creating perfection. The thought process of creating his incredible live show, and the transition into a rap album, LES IS MORE, due October 22.

“As I enter the arena of rap, I want to completely obliterate what anyone has expected from a rap artist thus far,” explained R Les. That means, even more than performing the records, I also produced them, I played every instrument, I mixed the records, I spearheaded the design of the packaging, I directed the videos, I edited the videos, I created the live arrangements, and I give 110% at every show! That’s what “Les Is More” means to me, it means I can be more, and hopefully by being more I can inspire others to want to be more.”

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