Emerging Artist: Elli Ingram – “Poetic Justice”


Elli Ingram - Poetic Justice

The UK continues to win! I swear they have some sort of Apple-esque secret research lab/factory creating all these incredible soulful artists. Enter: Elli Ingram, a 19-year old singer from across the pond, who has been starting to bubble on Youtube. Following a successful feature singing the hook on Benny Banks’ “Let Me Be,” Elli delivers a seriously impressive and addictive remake of Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s “Poetic Justice.” Which, she released accompanied by an even cooler video. While there will be immediate comparisons to Adele, this is just simply great!

Take a look below…I’m serious! Look!

DL: Elli Ingram – Poetic Justice

shout to TheNext2Shine

also… Check out her song “Silver & Gold”

  1. ZZX 11 years ago

    WOW x100

  2. DreiiIaBJones 11 years ago

    she rocked this alright alright alright…

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