Toni Braxton Has No Love for Music Anymore, Talks ‘Twist of Faith’


We reported on this yesterday, but today, on a mainstream stage, Toni Braxton shared that she seems to have fallin out of love with music. The multi-Grammy winner stopped by ‘Good Morning America’ on Thursday to discuss her starring role in the upcoming Lifetime movie Twist of Faith, but she addressed the issue,

“I don’t feel the love for music anymore. It’s not affecting me and making me feel that thing I always felt when I performed,” Braxton said. “It’s leaving me and I’m not sure what’s going on in my life. Maybe it’s a female midlife crisis. I’m not sure, but my heart isn’t in it anymore and I hate to say that.”

She’s not giving up singing for good though, as you can hear Toni’s famous voice in Twist of Faith, which airs Saturday, February 9 on Liftime at 8 PM est. What do you think though? Are you ok with Toni retiring from music??

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