Melanie Fiona, Luke James, Bridget Kelly & Ro James Party & Perform at The Legendary Damon’s Birthday Bash


Ro James, Bridget Kelly, Damon & Luke James

This past weekend, the Legendary Damon amazed attendees of his annual birthday ball with a lavish 80’s themed party at Good Units in NYC. New York tastemakers and celebrities came out to celebrate not only one of the city’s most well respected nightlife promoters, but the thrill of a great party.

Notable attendees included singers Melanie Fiona, Luke James, Bridget Kelly, and Ro James.

Anticipation throughout the night ran rampant as guests eagerly awaited Damon’s arrival. Over the last couple of years, Damon’s entrance has increasingly garnered more attention as each entrance has continued to surpass the last in its grandiose nature. Last year, Damon came into the club on a white horse, leaving everyone guessing as to what could possibly top that this year. Damon did not disappoint. With the a local choir performing Madonna’s “Like A Prayer,” along side 2x Grammy winner Melanie Fiona, Damon descended from the rafters of the building into the crowd.

After the initial reveal, the partying went long into the night with the help of the events’ sponsors, Redbull and Hennessy and with special guest performers. Luke James graced guests with a special performance of his Grammy nominated single, “I Want You”. The crowd was further treated to Bridget Kelly performing a phenomenal rendition of “Happy Birthday,” while models passed out cupcakes provided by Baked by Melissa.

Peep more pics below:

Photos by Moises De Pena, Creative Brand Company, Jineva Richardson and Instagram

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