Behind The Scenes: Raheem DeVaughn “Love Connection” Video Shoot



Raheem DeVaughn is on the road to his upcoming album A Place Called Loveland, where he is the love king. The R&B Hippie recently headed out west to L.A. to shoot the music video for his buzzing new single “Love Connection.”

“My music brings people together. Whether that’s for a moment, or one night, or for a lifetime. My album A Place Called Loveland just an eclectic ride, lyrically and melodically, I think the single [Love Connection] is a great way to start to set it off,” explained Raheem. “I want this record, to remind [listeners], 10 years from now, of their summer, their spring. Ya know 2013, when they fell in love, whatever the love connection is for you. Music creates a moment in time, so I’m hoping that this song will create a lasting impression and a moment in time for years to come.”

Raheem’s new album A Place Called Loveland is coming this summer. Peep the official behind the scenes of the video shoot, and an interview he did with HipHollywood on set below:


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