Brian McKnight Talks About Getting Into Boxing, Thoughts on 50 Cent As A Promoter


What may come as a surprise to you, Brian McKnight when not touring the world with his sultry voice and classic songs, is actually venturing into the boxing arena. What started as fitness training has turned into a passion of learning the science of the sport, and getting into the training side on the outside of the ring. During a recent interview with, the R&B veteran discussed how he first got into the sport, and how he has actually been working the corner for Ukrainian-born boxer Anatoliy Dudchenko.

“I work the corner for him [Anatoliy], it’s a nasty business. I’m taking mouth pieces out and doing the grunt work–washing mouthpieces out, getting water,” McKnight explained. “To be able to tell him, ‘Follow that one-two with a cross and you got ‘em.’ It’s great to have a hand in the career of someone who has nothing to do with what I do.”

Brian also shared his positive feelings for 50 Cent getting into the business of promoting fights. Check out the interview below:

[CBS Radio]

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