En Vogue Settle Lawsuit, Two Members Lose Name Rights



TMZ has reported that the dirty legal battle between the ladies of En Vogue is officially over, and only two of the original four members can still call themselves “En Vogue.”

According to legal docs, a judge granted “EV” founding members Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis the exclusive right to use the name “En Vogue” while performing and touring … after a long, drawn-out legal battle with former bandmates Maxine Jones and Dawn Robinson.

Here’s what happened … Cindy and Terry sued Maxine and Dawn for the name plus $1 MILLION in damages back in 2012. They claimed M & D were illegally touring under the “EV” name after the band broke up … but had no right, since C&T owned the LLC.

The judge recently sided with Cindy and Terry — giving them the name — but said the duo failed to prove damages, and were awarded no money.


  1. rapstardad 10 years ago

    lol    dawn  is  a  asshole    that  what  she  gets  4  being  so  rude  2  me     2  funny  karma  dont  play

  2. mzjosey29 10 years ago

    Omg was Dawn really a mean person she looks real nice.

  3. FelderSean 10 years ago

    That’s a damn shame arguing over a name?Still like En Vogue music though.

  4. cruz 10 years ago

    Dawn was the best one! Still wish Lucy Pearl was around…

  5. KLove 10 years ago

    So sad, I really loved this group : (

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