Exclusive: Daley Talks Debut Album ‘Days & Nights,’ Working with Pharrell & The Roots


Daley is working hard prepping for the release of his upcoming debut album ‘Days & Nights.’ In the second clip from our candid chat, the UK bred rising star talks to ThisisRnB TV about the album, from the creation of the writing and production, finding a unique fusion of sound which he calls Future Soul, to being so vulnerable on records for the world to hear.

“Now that I’ve got the final tracklist, and I’ve looked at it as a piece, I’ve realized how honest it is, how much of myself I’m actually putting out there,” Daley explains. “When you’re writing songs individually, everything comes from a personal place, an experience, but then to see all those next to each other I’m like wow, I’m really opening myself out to the world.”

Aside from elements of Hip-Hop, and various strings, the project has a ‘slightly awkward, naive, electronic rhythm to some of the tracks,’ which he claims is something people won’t expect to hear, and what he is most excited to share with people.

It was creating the LP’s title track, when he knew he had found the sound of the album. “The title track ‘Days & Nights’ was my moment where I felt like, ‘Ok now I’m writing my album,’ because before that I was writing with a goal to be putting an album together, but at that point I felt like, ‘now I know, there’s a certain sound and uniqueness to this album.'”

Aside from working with Marsha Ambrosius (Alone Together) and Jessie J (Remember Me) in the past, Daley was honored to be able to work with Pharrell and The Roots on his upcoming debut LP. Peep the interview clip above and stay tuned!

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