Fantasia Explains Album Title “Side Effects of You”


In an official personal video interview piece, which she revealed today, Fantasia opens up about the decision making process of her album title, and why she ended up choosing, ‘Side Effects of You.’

“Everytime I have to come up with a title for an album, I always pray about it, there’s always like a sign or something that happens that lets me know, ‘ok I got it,'” Tasia explained. “We did a song in the studio one night, which was a very hard song for me to record, I ran from that song. I didn’t want to record it around people, because that song was so personal, but it’s my honesty. So I felt the album should be ‘Side Effects of You,’ but when you say ‘side effects of you’ I’m not just talkin about a relationship, I’m talkin about everything that I went through.”

Peep the clip above, and go pick up Fantasia’s new album, in stores now!

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