Video: Raheem DeVaughn – “Love Connection”



After premiering it yesterday on Vh1 Soul, Raheem DeVaughn officially drops the music video for his buzzing new single “Love Connection.”

The R&B Hippie takes a trip out to L.A. to shoot the visuals, which he keeps simple — belting out the soulful song in front of bright show lights, and against black & white backgrounds. He records his love message on camera and sends it out to his special sexy lady, who is also filming her seductive situation in an all white room. Their declaration for love is then broadcast across sets of vintage TV’s.

“I want this record, to remind [listeners], 10 years from now, of their summer, their spring. Ya know 2013, when they fell in love, whatever the love connection is for you,” explained DeVaughn. “Music creates a moment in time, so I’m hoping that this song will create a lasting impression and a moment in time for years to come.”

Raheem’s new album A Place Called Loveland is coming this summer. Let him help you make a love connection with the new video below:

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