Video: Mariah Carey feat. Miguel – #Beautiful



Mariah Carey hops on for a ride with her co-star, Miguel, in the stunning music video for “#Beautiful,” directed by Joseph Kahn. The two singers take a fun-filled joyride on the R&B mavericks motorcycle through a country road, as the early morning sun creates a blissful moment. As day turns to night, Miguel switches to a gorgeous vintage Porsche, while the Pop icon seductively dances in front of him wearing in a sexy, thin yellow dress.

The record which they wrote and produced together is the lead single off Carey’s upcoming album, which is due out this summer.

“It’s a feel-good record, really for me it’s genre-less, it could almost go on every chart there is, and that’s something I don’t take lightly,” Mariah explained about the single. “It’s not following a trend, and that’s the best thing about this record — because having to follow trends is not what’s fun about making music.”

Watch Mariah and Miguel light the screen with their new video below:

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