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Hitmaking producer Salaam Remi has been holding a secret. While delivering some of the hottest tracks for many of today’s top artists, Remi has been quietly working on a new project for a new artist, who is going by the name, Mack.  However, it turns out the artist is not so unknown after all.  In fact, ‘Mack’ is none other than actor/singer Tristian Wilds, who is most known for his roles on TV shows such as The Wire and films like Red Tails.

With a new image, name and style the young multi-talented artist is looking to make a big impact this year with his new single “Own It.” The record will immediately catch your ear with Salaam Remi’s break-beat/hip-hop inspired production, and to amp it up even more, Ne-Yo penned the song. Wilds and Remi have reportedly crafted a full album with this sound, entitled ‘New York: A Love Story,’ which is due out this fall via Sony.

So now it’s time for you to decide if Mack deserves your attention. Take a listen to his debut single below:

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