Premiere: BKLYN 1834 Presents: Ro James – ‘Indiana Jones’



Now that Ro James has released his 3-part EP series ‘Coke, Jack & Cadillacs,’ the burgeoning NYC based crooner begins to truly share his story and the journey he’s taken up until today.

In an original piece created by BKLYN1834, Ro explains the inspiration behind his project, and delivers a unique performance of his song “Indiana Jones.” The singer/songwriter evokes the emotion of his songs tale, while walking along the train tracks in a wooded area of BK.

Directed by Aaron Vazquez, keys by Andrew Thomas Reid. Watch the stirring clip below:

If you haven’t heard them all yet, pick up Ro James’ “Coke, Jack & Cadillacs” series at the links below…

Ro James – ‘Coke’ (EP)

Ro James – ‘Jack’ (EP)

Ro James – ‘Cadillacs’ (EP)

For more info check out

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