R. Kelly Previews ‘Black Panties’ Album, Reveals Track Titles



Following the in-studio video from his private album listening session in Atlanta, VIBE has now released a preview of R. Kelly‘s much-anticipated forthcoming album ‘Black Panties.’

“I don’t want to leave a fingerprint because it’s about to be a murder,” Kelly boasted before playing cuts off the upcoming project, which they labeled as “ballsy” and “bawdy.”

According to Vibe’s Keith Murphy, Kellz believes the music industry has counted him out. After the R&B King’s last two albums (2010’s ‘Love Letter’ and 2012’s ‘Write Me Back’) playing out as a journey across past decades such as the ’60s and ’70s, he is not going to let any doubters bury him in the ‘old school adult contemporary bin.’  Murphy describes ‘Black Panties‘ as a ‘chest-beating shot across the bow to his critics.’

Check out a break down of cuts off Kellz 13th studio album below:

Poetic Sex

“The first R&B poem,” Kelly sings over a sparse piano rumble. “My music is going to make love to you…” But before you get any ideas that you are listening to a John Legend record Kelly throws out this jaw-dropping line which lets you know Black Panties will be a more X-rated bedroom affair than anything ever conceived on 12 Play. “Put that pussy on my head, that’s a fitted cap.” Alrighty then.

Fuck Y’all” (tentative title)

Kelly targets the non-believers, haters, and girls that fronted on him when he was singing for his supper on the Chicago L train on this trap heavy, blackout track. “Now that I’m on, fuck y’all!” he sets off. So how in the world will this very blue mama-I-made-it-anthem get radio airplay? “The remix will be ‘Forget Ya’ll,’” Kelly jokes.

You Deserve Better

This is Black Panties’ most overtly romantic song thus far. Kells croons of saving a woman from a hurtful, dysfunctional relationship. “All I want to do is see you happy,” he tells his damsel in distress. “You Deserve Better” could have easily fit in with the Chocolate Factory’s more heartfelt, measured love songs.

Tear It Up” feat. feat. Future

A collaboration that has already made the blogging rounds. Kelly takes a cue from Future and goes all Auto-Tune.


Easily the most tongue-in-cheek number. A kissing cousin to his 1995 hit “You Remind Me Of Something,” this time Kells couches his car = girl metaphor and embraces his inner Cookie Monster. But there’s nothing Sesame Street about this mannish ditty. “Lick the middle like an Oreo,” he offers. “Gonna beat that pussy until it’s blue…” Do tell.

Throw Money On You

One of several strip club-aimed soundtracks. Sensual keyboard groove could have been lifted straight from an early ‘80s Prince cut (“Little Red Corvette”?). “I love to see you take it…” A waterfall of drums rains down. It more than works.

Fuckin’ With The Lights On

Pretty self-explanatory. No one ever said the man minces words: “I told her to put it on my face…let it rain, let it rain…”

Legs Shaking” feat. Ludacris

The sound of Michael Jackson watching the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Arguably the most realized track on Black Panties. Kelly wants to go downtown until his lady’s legs shake. And Luda adds his own randy dialogue: “My tongue is just like a Jacuzzi.” Lush, lavish chords and gorgeous melodies that soar. Call it a hit.

Show Ya Pussy

Outlandish, over-the-top, hide-the-kids ratchetness (there’s that word again). Indeed, the brazen song title alone smacks you in the face. “Keep them bottles coming in this fucking club!” a turned up R instructs over a darkly lit track. All out debauchery comes to mind. How will Kelly’s “Step In The Name Of Love” fans react to this? Hmmm…


A calming acoustic guitar turns things dramatically down. While the subject matter stays on topic (“My face is in it for an hour…doing circles with the face down…”) the instrumentation and energy keeps more in line with R. Kelly’s vintage loverman formula. Something tells me that this will be a favorite with the ladies.

My Story” feat. 2 Chainz

Black Panties’ official first single makes it clear that Kelly is going after the youth vote. “Models roll my indo, I beat the pussy, Django/Them niggas talking money, I got more digits in my gate code/She make a pole disappear like hocus pocus/You’re ain’t never gon’ find another nigga.” When you make 2 Chainz sound like a substitute school teacher, all bets are off.

Girls Kissing Girls

More debauchery. Threesomes for everyone!

Sex Genius

The production (again) screams of a certain pancake serving, musical genius from Minnesota. Kelly sings falsetto as “The Beautiful Ones”-like drums knock. “I’ll be good to you,” our attentive sex god implores. “Now that I got you out them clothes your body is so beautiful…” Another standout track that wows the room. Yet “Sex Genius” is a gentler R. Kelly amid a raw, two-fisted, unapologetic, mind-numbingly graphic sex album. It will be interesting to see what the kids will say of a 46-year-old Kells taking on the crown of ratchet king. If nothing else, this will be interesting.


R. Kelly’s ‘Black Panties‘ is scheduled to hit stores on November 11.

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