Chris Brown Talks Death of the Album, Next Phase of Music


Chris Brown

Chris Brown has many fans very anxious for his upcoming album, simply titled X. However, he recently caused a stir when teasing that this LP, his sixth studio album, might be his last. Many artists before him have made similar claims, and many more will say it in the future, but there was something more intriguing when the young R&B star made the comment.

During the release phase of his last body of work, ‘Fortune,’ Brown took a step in a new direction by releasing official singles, with videos, along with additional unreleased cuts and songs that wouldn’t be making the album, directly to iTunes, and as digital releases only.

During early interviews on his forthcoming album, Breezy said that he wanted to film videos for each song, and release them before the album, so fans would get a real visual interpretation of the project. As he becomes as much a video director as he is an artist, the 24-year-old truly exemplifies the 21st century creative individual.

Looking toward the future, and his next phase in music, Brown has revealed his thoughts on the state of releasing music, and specifically the decline of the “album.”

Speaking with The Guardian UK, Chris says the format is on the way out. “You can blame it on downloads, but the numbers are what they are. After this, maybe I’ll release a single every few months, or release a song; you’re still going to hear my music and videos.”

Though his last three albums have not reached the platinum status of his first two, Brown claims his singles, which he has sold many in the millions, are more profitable for him now. “But people won’t bring that up because of the album sales,” he says in regards to peoples comments on his sales.

While he shares his feelings on the ever changing climate of the music business, Chris still has high aspirations for releasing a history making album. When talking about his ambitions he says, “To sell ground-breaking numbers on an album. Just to be able to have that moment to say, I did it. So as like, I have a stamp. I would really like to mean something to the world, instead of me just being this fungus.”

A fungus? Yea, he really referred to himself as a fungus, continuing: “Yeah, like the decay of society. I don’t want to be the decay of society, I’d like to be the uplifting part.”

What do you think of Chris’ ideals about the decline of the album? Is the format completely dying in today’s market, or are we just seeing an extreme lull?

  1. howard 10 years ago

    He says he wants to be uplifting and yet he aligns himself with people who are destructive, mean and evil.  He has no ability to judge character or to be selective in his business and professional relationships.  When people show you at every turn that they will betray you, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU BE SUCKING UP TO THEM, EMBRACING THEM, AND GRINNING IN THEIR FACES.  That shows you to be a coward, and no one respects a coward.

  2. Crystal 10 years ago

    Chris Brown is such a joke. He was slated to be the next Michael Jackson simply because he could sing and dance…never mind that Michael Jackson’s career was based on more than just that…but then he had to go and punch his famous girlfriend in the face. He became a pariah only to then be forgiven and taken back by Rihanna (horrible message to be sending to your predominantly female teenage fan base there btw RiRi) and got his career back. He turned into this douchebag tatted up freak who thinks he’s gonna be something more than an embarrassment of our generation. Drop dead asshole.

  3. breezy 10 years ago

    @Crystal Why do you people ALWAYS bring up the past. God has forgiven Chris and we have forgiven him.  You can drop dead as well and go to hell.

  4. Ke Coles 10 years ago

    You need to stop being so ignorant and grow up

  5. Jaydee69 10 years ago

    So you act like MJ didnt fuck little boy booty , everyone have problems , so that dont take from their talent

  6. danielacrystal9867 10 years ago

    Chris brown might say hes fungus but to me hes way more! People might think of him throught what he has done in the past but but thats where “dont judge me” comes in dont judge him for what hes done in the past take him for who he is. Hes just trying to live his life.

  7. gabbyriveraa 10 years ago

    chris brown is growing up. Everyone makes mistakes am i not right? Chris brown I believe has changed. I never want him to stop making music I really can’t wait for the album!!!!

  8. gabbyriveraa 10 years ago

    @Crystal You are pathetic. As if you never made a damn mistake in your life. Let him live!

  9. gabbyriveraa 10 years ago

    You are a hater because he is something already. He’s a big fan and he is famous you fucking idiot.

  10. IamLeoBitches 10 years ago

    ewwww why does him nipple look like that ughhhhh

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