New Music: Suzy Q – Loving You (Remake) (Prod. by Carvin & Ivan)


Suzy Q IMG_3389

Indie songstress Suzy Q remakes her idol Minnie Riperton’s classic hit “Loving You,” with production by veteran producers Carvin & Ivan.

“The inspiration behind “Loving You” is simply Love,” Suzy explained to Singersroom. “Growing up, I was exposed to music at its best and one artist in particular stood out because of her angelic sound; the beautiful Minnie Riperton. I was drawn to her effortless ability to spill melodies from her soul the way she did thus my new single being a remake of her art. The creative process was nothing short of amazing given I was able to channel her finesse while staying in my zone.”

Take a listen to Suzy’s remake below… How do you think she did?

  1. MannyIrizarry 11 years ago

    The best part of the song was the background vocals…she didn’t hit the whistle register too badly, but never as good as the late Minnie.
    I think they should have put sound f/x on her whistle register and compress it more.  #StraddlingFence

  2. Tee 11 years ago

    Amazing! Absolutely amazing!! Suzy has managed to take a classic song and make it her own. It’s a refreshing rendition!

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