K. Michelle Performs at the 2013 ‘Soul Train Awards’


K. Michelle Performs at Soul Train Awards 2013

After winning the award for ‘Best New Artist,’ K. Michelle set off the alarm as she graced the stage of the 2013 ‘Soul Train Awards’ on Sunday night.

The singer/songwriter showed off her curvaceous figure in a white body suit, as she opened her set with her next single “Can’t Raise A Man.” Standing on a platform she then transitioned into her top 5 R&B hit “V.S.O.P,” belting out the catchy lyrics, while the audience rocked along.

Watch K. Michelle’s stirring performance below!

  1. Emzah 9 years ago

    She Killed It!! LOve This performance

  2. BonnieD 9 years ago

    Love K.Michelle, she definitely killed it, that white ensemble was hitting, and her dancers, and set of her performance was way better than Tamar’s!

  3. RealOne 9 years ago

    I love some of K. Michelle songs…This performance could have been a whole lot better. I see she cant hardly sing on stage and not to mention her dance moves. She needs to invest in dance lessons instead of azz shots!!!!! Just being honest! Anywho continue doing ya thang K.Michelle

  4. THERIGHTONE 9 years ago

    @RealOne stfu Her ass is real She dont have shots nor implants, fake ass dont move and her ass moves, She dont have to dance she can sing thats good enough

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