New Music: Trevor Jackson – I’ll Be Who You Love (This Christmas)



One of our favorite actors turned singers, Trevor Jackson, delivers his holiday tune, “I’ll Be Who You Love (This Christmas)”.

The track, which shows a browner side of the young star, is a soft ballad penned to his lover about how it’s been too long since they’ve loved one another. Stating, “This Christmas I’ll be who love”, Trevor is growing up right before our eyes. Co-written by Trevor himself, this track reminds us of what Usher sounded like around around this age.

Check it out below:

  1. e_dimondz123 8 years ago

    ThisIsRnB trevorjackson5 <3

  2. iGOHARD4ONIKA_ 8 years ago

    _CARTERminator i sawww ! I got a email :D thanks babe!

  3. iGOHARD4ONIKA_ 8 years ago

    _CARTERminator WAIT, reminded yall of Usher?!!!? Uh uh, i need to hear this song!!!!!

  4. _CARTERminator 8 years ago

    iGOHARD4ONIKA_ lmao you a fein, or na? lmfaooo you’re welcome

  5. _CARTERminator 8 years ago

    iGOHARD4ONIKA_ I liked it

  6. trevorjackson5 8 years ago


  7. MichaelLuster 8 years ago

    Wonder where he got the last name.

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