Comedy: YouTube Stars The Playmakers Give R&B Classics Sunday Praise!


Ahhh…Sunday Morning. Whether you’re heading to church to get your praise on or are a regular attendant at Bedside Baptist, Sunday’s are the time of the week that we get to relax and prepare ourselves for the next few days to come.

For us over here at though, the work is never done as we are responsible for keeping you up to date on R&B matters. So, when things such as Holy remixes to your favorite R&B jams are brought to our attention, it’s only right that we supply you with them. Yes, you read that correctly – HOLY REMIXES.

From Jodeci to Tyrese and everything in between, this hilarious video features Gospel renditions of your favorite R&B classics. Asking if there’s “any more room in those pews” and getting us ready for “service, service, service time”, we’re sure that you’ll find as much humor in this as we did.

Take a look at the video above and get your Sunday morning laughing praise on!

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