Erika Kayne Releases PSA: ‘Think Before You Act’


Formerly incarcerated R&B songstress, Erika Kayne, has turned her life around and is determined to make sure young people know the real deal about the conditions in prison and not to believe that it’s acceptable to get put away in today’s society.

Kayne, a second-generation offender who did a one-year bid for weapons charges, has released a public service announcement titled, “Think Before You Act,” expressing the shame and humiliation associated with being locked down, in hopes of inspiring young people to make better life decisions.

“My biological father has been incarcerated since I was an infant. Then, the bad choices I made caused me to hurt the person who means the most to me – my grandmother. I was so ashamed for her to visit me behind the glass,” said Kayne. “Most of us don’t have it like Martha Stewart or Wesley Snipes, so it’s not easy to get back on track once you have a criminal record. It’s important to think before you act and not make hasty decisions that can change your life forever and possibly create a vicious cycle for your children,” adds the Cleveland, Ohio native.

“The truth is, I’ve done wrong and got caught up, and I’ve been hurt in my personal relationships,” Kayne said. “But, I worked hard to turn my life around and I’m determined to end this vicious cycle for my family and anyone I can touch. As for my love life, I’m moving on and have a Heart for Sale.”

Kayne’s current single, “Heart for Sale,” is an empowering love song with a mid-tempo track that tells a story of a young lady who gave her lying man several chances but he still broke her heart. She eventually kicks him to the curb and moves on. Men and women alike can relate to the songs catchy and realistic lyrics; “I’m putting your ass back out on the market…It’s a wrap now baby, you can drop the act now baby, go and pack now… I got a heart for sale….”

Peep the PSA video above, and hear “Heart for Sale” below:

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  1. 330digga 8 years ago

    Yassss get back to slayin the music yassssssssssssss honey Keeping on Erika Kayne

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