The 10 Best and WORST New Beyoncé Covers



You knew it was coming. You knew they would do it. Some climbed to the top, while others fell and hit the ground harder than Scarlet when she took that infamous tumble. Yes, we’re talking about all the new Beyoncé covers!

If you spend your free time scouring the web like most of us do, then you’ve probably noticed the current overflow of aspiring singers trying their luck at Bey’s songs from her latest album. While most of the world is completely “Drunk in Love,” you’ll find there are covers from almost every track on the album all over Youtube – how crazy is that?!

Now, of course we’ve seen our share of Yonce covers over the years, but very seldom do you have the ones that really blow you away – good or bad. However, with the impact that her new album has had on the ears of listeners everywhere, it’s amazing to see so many inspired artists, singers and regular folk sharing their talents – or lack there of – for the world to see. Unfortunately even with the most passion possible, some of these dedicated fans just haven’t found the right way to express themselves yet, to put it nicely.

We definitely commend those who are bold enough to go after their dreams, but we also couldn’t help but chuckle a little a lot at some of the recent covers we’ve found online. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best, and 5 absolute worst new Queen Bey covers…for your entertainment pleasure of course!

Take a look at our list of “The 10 Best and WORST New Beyoncé Covers” below:

*In no order*


Now, you’ve seen the best, hit page 2 for the (uh oh) worst!

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