Throwback Tuesday; The Break-Up Edition: Profyle – “Liar” & Ideal – “Get Gone”


“A liar, a cheater, a deceiver, heart breaker, and I won’t let you back in my life so I’m taking the house, the car, the kids, and the DOG!”

R&B Group Profyle is best known for their one major hit, “Liar,” that was produced by the legendary Teddy Riley. The Shreveport, LA quartet consisted of a pair of brothers and cousins who were discovered singing at a talent show. They were eventually signed to Motown Records where they released their most popular album Nothing But Drama. The video for “Liar” was a staple on MTV2 and BET in the fall of 2000. The song showcased the groups unique and soulful harmonies with a hint of southern soulful doo-wop elements as well. The group has recently reunited and is working on new music.

Ideal was a R&B quartet from Houston, Texas composed of brothers Maverick and Swab, their cousin PZ, and friend J-Dante. “Get Gone” was the lead single off of their debut album Ideal, it reached No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and helped the album reach gold. The protagonist of the song discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him and (with a couple of Ginuwine like dance slides and body rolls) doesn’t hesitate to tell her to get out. LOL. The song showcased their soulful, sensual, and smooth vocal styling.

Both groups offered a nice claim for men during a time when groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child were on men attack mode.

After the jump check out a behind the scenes clip of Ideal talking about the formation of the group as BET throws to their “Creep Inn” video. Meet us at the “Creep Inn” if you are feeling scandalous!

Bryan Michael Cox did his thang with the Michael Jackson “Heartbreak Hotel” also known as “This Place Hotel” intro sample.

  1. AppreciatorOfRAndB 10 years ago

    I find it interesting that you don’t mention Bryan Michael Cox as the producer for both “Get Gone” & “Creep Inn”….  “‘Liar,’ that was produced by the legendary Teddy Riley” is no sleeper, but B.Cox should be considered as one of the iconic producers of tha time as well… Oh yeah, didn’t he produce Mishon’s “Luckiest Man” (that you posted today)? Give credit where it is due… He’s one of the best

  2. MrM3Ls 10 years ago

    Man…taking it back to some hidden gems

  3. VIC 10 years ago

    wow i was seriously jamming just now!!!!! thanks for posting

  4. ThisIsRnB 10 years ago

    Thanks, maybe you didn’t read the full text, B.Cox was mentioned in both posts…

    “Bryan Michael Cox did his thang with the Michael Jackson “Heartbreak Hotel” also known as “This Place Hotel” intro sample.”

    “Lately, Mishon has been working hard on his blossoming sound and style with R&B masterminds Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, and we have been very curious of what they were going to come up with. Well, today we get our first taste of their work with the catchy song “Luckiest Man” featuring Problem. The JD and B.Cox produced tune appears on the soundtrack to the new romantic comedy About Last Night.”

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