Ashanti Gives Awesome Live Band Performance for ‘Off The Record’



With her new album Braveheart finally in stores, and a rumors of a rekindled relationship with former beau Nelly, R&B vixen Ashanti is looking good and sounding even better!

Taking us back in time to the song that launched her career, the former Murder Inc. songstress hooked up with AOL’s The Boombox for a new session of their ‘Off the Record’ performance series. Setting up with a live band at MSR Studios in New York City, Ashanti – who was sporting her new light colored bob and an all black ensemble – got on the mic and gave an incredible vocal performance of the classic “Foolish” tune.

Paying homage to past influences Shanti further showcased her vocals with a cover of Chaka Khan’s classic “Sweet Thing,” which is the song she sang to get her first record deal. Moving forward the Long Island, New York native delivered stirring performances of her latest single “I Got It” and Braveheart cut “Scars.”

Surely one of the top performances we’ve seen from the star to date, we’re sure that with the new sounds she’s blaring out, there will be more to come.

Enjoy the live band assisted performance below!

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  1. GreatJOBAshanti 8 years ago

    This what she should be doing anywayzzzzzzz A LIVE Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sigh) GIRL you improved ALOT. I love this performance Ashanti. The only thing tho… you’re missing background singers!
    Why don’t you sing like this all the time? Nelly hurt you didnt he <Sucker! 
    I’m gonna buy your CD Friday ok! A friend of mines played it and I love it…Bonafide Survivor is the business and should be a single with an video because is speaking to me right now and I want to thank you!
    Can you do a live band performance of Bonafide Survivor….pretty please G?……….Gorgeous!

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