New Music: MPrynt – Don’t Hurt Me


MPrynt Don't Hurt Me

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything and I mean anything from Motown group MPrynt, but now that doesn’t even matter because they got something here!

Taking a cue from the great R&B groups of the ’90s, the quartet deliver a strong bedroom jam with “Don’t Hurt Me” produced by Pop & Oak.

Sampling the classic H-Town single “Knockin The Boots,” MPrynt clearly hope to bring back the good ole’ days with their upcoming album.

Take a listen to their new single below!

  1. jayjohn86 8 years ago

    That song sounds like trash…Ne-yo is pres. over there he needs to make sure whack isn like this never see’s the light of day.

  2. curvyivy 8 years ago

    This definitely doesn’t sound like trash..Love this and love these guys. Can’t wait for the album!

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