Trendsetter DJ Sense Presents: ‘R&B Trends’ featuring L-Bee – ‘Cheat’


Lbee Artwork

This week I have the pleasure of introducing a new artist to my ThisisRnb family. Newcomer L-Bee’s debut record “Cheat” is a certified banger and it has a unique style and flavor. I know this 22-year old is gonna have all the ladies questioning how loyal they really are to their man on the dance floor.

Born in New York and raised in Atlanta, L-Bee is fighting to make his dreams come true and has nothing to lose after walking away from a full baseball scholarship. He teamed up with A&R Entertainment and Blaq Caesar Entertainment for his debut project.

L’Bee’s laid back style is definitely southern, but he’s got it mixed up with a little bit of northern swag. All that over a dope beat is guaranteed to have this single in heavy rotation. I would put L-Bee on your list of one to watch in R&B, I’ll keep you posted on more from his debut project.

I’m looking forward to hearing feedback on this one!

Take a listen to “Cheat” below:

  1. blackface 10 years ago


  2. iLovethisISH 10 years ago

    This kid is going to go a long way if he has more records like this. Good good L

  3. RealMuzikFan 10 years ago

    I’m big on messages when it comes to art, and I’m not feeling this message too much.

  4. HipHopWORLD 10 years ago

    @RealMuzikFan  raise your hand….. thats how many people care! hahahahaha

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