Ashanti Stuns With ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Performance



2014 is shaping up quite nicely for Ashanti. With the release of her long awaited album Braveheart hitting shelves last month, the singer has been reaping the benefits of persistence and determination.

Solidifying her run as an Indie artist, Ashanti has surely “got it”. Recruited by famed boxer Manny Pacquiao, the “Rain On Me” songstress saw herself standing on stage doing what many artists never get the opportunity to do in their career: sing the “Star Spangled Banner“.

Noted as a career defining moment for many of its performers, Ashanti took the challenge and ran with it. Granting patrons at the MMG Grand Las Vegas a firsthand view at her vocal talent, this by far was one of the most impressive shows Miss Douglas has given during her tenure as an artist.

Ready to be wowed? Take a look after the jump!

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