Indie: Stephanie Courtney Releases “Never” Music Video


Stephanie Courtney Never

Indie artist Stephanie Courtney has found that one and she is sharing her joy with the bouncy new single “Never.” The 20-year-old Long Island native makes a splash with the Derwin Vallie (Loreless Folk) produced song, while showing off some slick dance moves in the Brian K. Roberts directed music video.

“Boy I never knew love, never knew love like yours, not ever,” she sings over the dance heavy beat.

Currently working on a new album, Stephanie looks to inspire young girls with positive messages and valuable lessons. Check out her music video below:

For more info check out and follow her @stephaniesmusic.

  1. I Love To Hate 10 years ago

    This bitch can’t sing for shit!! Why the fuck is this garbage even posted? U could have actually put up some better house music in it’s place. This chick isn’t going anywhere!!!

  2. PvKnight70 10 years ago

    great song and video. I can hardly wait for more.

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