K. Michelle Gets Into Twitter Spat with Perez Hilton



When Twitter goes wrong episode #…

R&B firecracker K. Michelle and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton had a war of words on social media on Tuesday. It all started when the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer threw a little shade at Iggy Azalea on Monday for using a southern accent in some of her rap songs when she’s originally from Australia.

K. Michelle tweeted, “How can you be from another country and rap like you’re from Memphis TN? But u don’t hear me though #offended.”

As a #TeamIggy member, Perez felt it was his duty to stand up for his girl: “@kmichelle I think you chose the wrong hashtag and meant to say #jealous instead!”

Anyone that knows K knows that she will unleash the dragon and commence verbal warfare on anyone that directs shade in her direction. Perez is also known to fire back when provoked, which caused the two to get into an all out Twitter battle. K called Perez a “Cinderella” who needed to do something positive instead of “licking a$$ to be cool,” and Perez fired back by essentially calling K. Michelle a flop who can’t get on the Billboard Hot 100.

Interesting enough, K claims her goal isn’t to make the Hot 100, because her records are too good…

Read the full exchange below:

K. Michelle: How can you be from another country and rap like you’re from Memphis TN? But u don’t hear me though #offended

Perez: @kmichelle I think you chose the wrong hashtag and meant to say #jealous instead! x

K Michelle: stay in ur place Cinderella!!!!

Perez: I’m happy to stay in my own little corner. And you get back to me when you have a #2 song on the @Billboard Hot 100. #YouNotFancy

K Michelle: I know my lane and that’s not even a desire of mine. My music is 2good and there will NEVER be a need 2get back at YOU. You lost ur mind with ur body fat!

Perez: Ok. Now that made me laugh! P.S. Iggy has explained why she raps the way she does repeatedly. There’s this thing called Google! x

Too good to be #2 on the Hot 100? Mkay then! I’m gonna go listen to some @JohnLegend now, whose 2good music went #1! #RollsEyes

K Michelle: Please use ur bought followers& do everybody some good. Stop licking ass 2b a cool kid.

Perez: I’m a fan of good music and an early champion of @IGGYAZALEA. You’re on a reality show and jealous of her musical success. #Fact

K Michelle: ur job Is 2be a nosey queen&mine is 2make GREAT music. So the next time u pop up N my mentions come better

Perez: Right! Your music is too great to top the charts, though. Go on with your flawed logic! Did Iggy turn you down for a feature? Ha!

K Michelle: Now I’m going 2go heal sum hearts, u should do the same. P.S I like you better with the pink hair and ur 4 chins

Perez: Heal on! I’m gonna go research your songs now. I don’t know a single one. Maybe I’ll like your music most people don’t know! xoxo

K Michelle: Logs off. I have spoken

Welp, another waste of energy by two of social media’s most loved and hated.

What do you think about their Twitter spat?


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