Toni Braxton Talks Dating, Kids & New Book on ‘Queen Latifah’


Toni Braxton Queen Latifah

The beautiful and vocally amazing Toni Braxton paid a visit to the Queen Latifah Show on Thursday in promotion of her new book ‘Unbreak My Heart.’ The memoir, which hit stores this week, is a tell-all piece, which finds her writing a tumultuous tale of triumph over a life filled with obstacles.

In regards to the challenge of having an autistic child, Toni says she feared her son’s disability was karmic retribution for earlier life choices she made, some of which will shock her fans.

“I was going through some things and thought that writing a book could be therapeutic,” says Toni. “I come from a large family so the hardest part for me was not telling other people’s stories. But sometimes to tell your own dirt you’re gonna get other people’s fertilizer in there too.”

In addition to the book, Toni talked about getting back to dating with Queen Latifah, who suggests Toni come back to the show for their “Celebrity Dating Game.” She also talked about her children, and charging them rent to live in the house in order to teach them about life!

Check out the interview clips below:

[Queen Latifah]

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