Usher Shows Off Vocals with Karaoke Battle, Talks Solange, Donald Sterling on ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’



Now that ‘The Voice‘ has ended, Usher is heading into full promo mode for his anticipated new album, which is lead by the infectious new single “Good Kisser.”

Paying a visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 in L.A. on Thursday morning, the R&B superstar was in for a very entertaining interview.

As Big Boy occasionally likes to do, he challenged Usher to a karaoke battle of his own songs. DJ E man put on a bunch of the singers hit tracks and he put on a full blown performance.

During their chat Usher spoke about crazy fan encounters, the Solange/Jay Z elevator incident, Donald Sterling, the good kissers in his life and his new music.

Check out all the clips below!

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