Video: Diggy Simmons feat. Trevor Jackson – ‘My Girl’



Days after dropping the song, Diggy Simmons releases the music video to his newest track, “My Girl” featuring Trevor Jackson.

Showing both artists looking like dapper young gentlemen, they will surely have all the girls going crazy. Diggy takes his special ‘girl’ for a ride in his red McLaren, while Trevor shows off some slick moves. The visual is destined to become a top contender for the number one spot on all video countdowns this spring/summer.

The D’Mile-produced song is the first single off Diggy’s upcoming album sophomore album.

Take a look below:

  1. AnaOrrr 7 years ago


  2. rachhBeEasy 7 years ago

    AnaOrrr Diggy was cool but Trevor lawwwd

  3. AnaOrrr 7 years ago

    rachhBeEasy the things I would do to that little boy are everything but holy father forgive me

  4. rachhBeEasy 7 years ago

    AnaOrrr lmao I watched it again

  5. AnaOrrr 7 years ago

    rachhBeEasy had to

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