Watch: August Alsina ‘XXL Freshman’ Freestyle



August Alsina made history when he became the first R&B singer to land a spot on XXL magazine’s “Freshman” cover earlier this month.

Along with the cover story each artist records an original freestyle for the magazine and today they have released the New Orleans natives latest testimony.

“Been hood rich and I’ve been broke / Singing in the choir ya’ll, even sold dope / I done been clean and I been high / Live like a king, and I had to get by,” sings August.

Talking about having to push harder and campaign to make the XXL Freshman list because he is a singer August explained, “My definition of hip-hop is the individual. Hip-hop is a n*gga story, a n*gga background, a n*gga culture…my life, where I come from and what’s in my heart. It’s all of that. I don’t rap. You can either take that or leave it. But I know one thing you can’t take away from me: what I do.”

“I bring me to the table. Ain’t no other n*gga like me. I say that in the most humble way, but I just know. I’m humble enough to know I’m not better than the next man, wise enough to know that these n*ggas ain’t like me and we are not the same. I just want to give back more than I took.”

Check out August’s R&B freestyle and interview below:


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