Watch: ‘While You Were Steeping’ with Tinashe



The Bigelow Tea company has launched a new viral series titled ‘While You Were Steeping,’ which is a collection of short films exploring a moment: the time we spend steeping. What can be created, imagined or crafted in the time it takes to steep a cup of tea.

For their latest piece they have recruited burgeoning R&B singer Tinashe, showcasing all the activities the young artist uses to express her creativity.

Tinashe does everything from painting to reading to writing in the unique clip, giving fans a deeper look into who she is. “I find inspiration in relationships, the culture, nature, everything around me, and then I just kind of live with it for a while and go from there,” explains the Cali native. “Sometimes it’s really not fun, sometimes it’s definitely painful, but that’s the beauty of the creative process.”

Check out Tinashe’s tea break below:

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