Yikes! Solange Attacks Jay Z in Elevator after Met Gala



Uh oh! Something serious went down between Jay Z and Solange last week following the Costume Institute Gala at the Met.

TMZ has acquired raw surveillance footage from the inside of an elevator in which Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange were riding in, apparently leaving an after-party at the Standard Hotel in NYC.

In the footage Solange appears to immediately confront Jay about something and then just goes crazy, attacking him physically and verbally, landing some hits before their bodyguard pulls her off and restrains her.

Jay does not strike her back, but grabs her foot when she tries to kick him. Oddly enough, Beyoncé seems to just stand there and let the whole thing happen, before eventually stepping in, kinda. What’s that about??

Clearly this is about to be the scandal of the month. Check out the video footage below…


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  1. mreagan88 9 years ago

    she is mad chile lol….something tells me jay been hitting beyonce and solo snapped.

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