August Alsina, Mack Wilds & Ed Sheeran Cover Vibe Summer Issue


August Alsina, Mack Wilds, Ed Sheeran vibe-summer_1

Vibe Magazine has recruited rising stars August Alsina, Mack Wilds & Ed Sheeran for the cover of their Summer 2014 issue.

With the title ‘Soul Brothers,’ the three singers each fill a unique lane, and have built very strong individual followings.

Check out an excerpt from each of the artists below, along with behind-the-scenes footage of their shoot, and pick up the issue on July 22.

“Crack fucking ruined my family. So to be selling that shit and seeing what it do to people, you start to realize, ‘Damn, my heart might be a little too big for this shit.’” — August Alsina

“Where am I gonna survive in a world of 2 Chainz and Drake? Frank, Miguel and all of these guys. I remember coming across them and being like, ‘Yo, bro, I got some music coming up.’ And they’re like, ‘Okay, cool, how’s that movie going?’” — Mack Wilds

“Just because I’m a man with an acoustic guitar doesn’t mean I have to play love songs. I want to straddle all worlds at once. I want to do my acoustic stuff, write for the biggest pop acts in the world, and also work with all the rappers I like, underground or not.” — Ed Sheeran

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