Indie: Angel Guy Releases Debut Single “He Don’t Know”


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Indie artist Angel Guy looks to introduce the world to her voice with the premiere of her debut single “He Don’t Know.”

Born and raised in the home of the blues, Memphis, Tennessee the singer/songwriter grew up listening to many genres, but primarily gospel and blues become her biggest influences and helped shape her own sound as an artist, which she describes as “rock soul, because it will rock your soul.” Angel is eager to follow in the footsteps of music legends that have paved the way, and cites her biggest influences as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Brandy, and Mary J. Blige.

Angel is currently working on her first independent studio album, set to be released at a later date. She kicks off the summer with her first single “He Don’t Know” produced by DBJ Entertainment. With an infectious hook and sultry soundscape, Angel gives a stellar introduction of what’s in store for her debut album.

“He don’t know that I’m his number one fan / He don’t know I be looking at him like daamn,” she softly confesses.

Listen below, and you can pick the single up on iTunes now.

For more info you can follow Angel at all social networks @AngelGuyMusic.

  1. Mao_the_cat 7 years ago

    this is great! damn… so smooth and her voice is DOPE!!!

  2. asdfasdf 7 years ago

    She does have a great voice. It is very smooth!

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