New Music: Day 26 – The Return EP


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It’s official! The boys of Day 26 are back! Releasing their long awaited EP The Return just moments ago, Brian, Willie, Que, Rob and Mike have us up past our bedtime trying to see what heat they’re brining.

Equipped with 8 solid tracks, the new project serves as the first piece of work that the group has put out with all original members since 2009’s Forever In A Day. Featuring both leading singles, “Bullsh*t” and “Lose Control,” the EP is filled with the love making sounds that we were introduced to via Making the Band in 2007.

Earlier this month, we interviewed the boys about their plans for new music. Willie had this to say:

“I feel like this is gonna be a classic EP. It’s gonna be something you wanna listen to for years to come because it’s timeless music.”

Now, you be the judge. Catch The Return after the jump and tell us if you’re feeling it like they said you would!

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