Prince Reveals Plans Of New Solo Album



Legendary superstar Prince is one of the most respected artists in the industry. Despite his eccentric look and new sound, anyone who’s anyone has been a fan at some point in their lives.

While his appearance on the Essence Festival stage is just a little over a week away, the famed singer is readying something else for fans to enjoy. Check out the details after the jump!

According to StarTribune, the “Kiss” singer is ready to release a new solo album! Although the release of his group album with 3rdEyeGirl has yet to be released, that hasn’t stopped Prince from having his own material ready.

However, the seasoned singer states that delivering his new solo album isn’t as easy as we think. Citing that the attempt to contact the higher beings at Warner Bros. is what makes the process move slower, Prince stated:

“Every No. 1 song, every Top 10 song, every song in the Top 40 is at least six months old,” he said. “We should be able to make music and put it out now.”

While there were no talks of album name or release date, he did mention that the album will feature a Rita Ora rap collaboration and songs like “This Could Be Us” – a ballad taken from the popular meme and hashtag on social sites – a remix to “Funkroll,” and “The Gold Standard”.

Hopefully, with Prince speaking out about his difficulties with Warner Bros. executives, it’ll push them to get his latest music out sooner than later. Here’s to wishful thinking!

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