New Music: Miesa – Blame My Ex



Singer Miesa is making her debut with her soon to be hit single, “Blame My Ex“.

The single, which is slated to hit iTunes on July 15, tells the story of a woman scorned and not ready to jump back in the game of dating. Singing out, “I’m not really big about fairy tales, I’m not gonna leap anymore into love,” Miesa lets any potential suitor know that the blame can be put on her ex for her cold heart.

Take a listen below:

  1. Smith Jane 9 years ago


  2. stephanie 9 years ago

    this record is hot!! Does she have other songs??

  3. Markus Allen 9 years ago
  4. JJ 9 years ago

    She does have other songs. One is called Antidote, which is hot and the other is called Nope, which is cool too.

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