R. Kelly Announces He is Working on House Music Album



R. Kelly is considered the king of R&B by many, but being the musical genius that he is, he is gifted in all writing and styles of music.

While he has stated that he is working on a Christmas album, a possible duet album with Mary J. Blige, and the follow-up to 2013’s Black Panties, now the Chicago native has revealed he has plans for yet another new album.

This time, Kellz wants to take it straight to the clubs, as he revealed to the crowd at the Chosen Few DJ’s picnic this past week, that he is working on a House music album!

“I want ya’ll to know a secret, I’m working on a House album right now, and I want ya’ll to know it’s comin!,” said the singer. “I love music and I feel like I can do anything when it comes to music, because I am music.”

Most recently R. Kelly teamed up with Jennifer Hudson for her new retro themed dance single “It’s Your World.”

Check out the clip of his announcement below:

  1. Blah 8 years ago

    ok . rnb is official dead now.

  2. GTFOH! 8 years ago

    What the fuck does that even mean clown??? if you knew ANYTHING, you would know that Kellz has been doing at least one House and/or Dance records on almost all of his latest albums. Stop saying generic hater shit and crawl back to keeping’ your opinion to you and your dumb ass friends.

  3. CLOWNISH 8 years ago

    r.kelly doing house is a blasphemy!

  4. GTFOH! 8 years ago

    You obviously don’t know or listen to Chicago House Music. Do some research and don’t get it confused with that white bullshit music they call house now. Kellz was born and raised in Chicago and BEEN had a few remixes of his hits done by Chicago house DJ’s

  5. Clownishiya 8 years ago

    I don’t care for house! This is a BLASPHEMY! YOu hear me??? B L A S P effing HEMY!

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